Quick Ways You Can Show Your Kids Love While They Are at School

Back to school is always a little bittersweet. It's nice to have the routine back but boy do we miss our children too! Let them know you care even when you aren't around with these simple tricks (Can you really say "I love you" too much?). 


These methods don't take much time but leave lasting impressions. Sometimes I even forget that I've done it until a child says, "Mom, remember that note you left me at school in my binder? It's still there. I really like it." The little things can make a big difference. Need some ideas?

Write Little Messages in Their Notebooks

This is one of my favorite ways because you can do it as simple or elaborate as you want. All you need is one of your children's school notebooks and a pen. I recommend waiting until school starts so you know which notebooks will be used most often. Back to School Night is a great opportunity as you can sit in their desks and see what's inside. Take a few extra minutes and write quick notes of encouragement and love throughout. Stick to the margins so you don't mess up their school work though. I write a note, skip a couple of pages then write another one. Keep in mind that your kids won't always make it to the end of the notebook, so write a lot of the notes in the first half of the book. Don't know what to write? Draw a couple of pictures instead! 

Leave Surprise Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are so much fun and you can put them anywhere! Hide one in your children's school binders or stick one inside their pencil bags. Think about places they will look often as well as some they won't find until later in the year. They always bring a smile. To make my life easier, I use the printable Kids' Printable Sticky Notes from the Dating Divas. All I have to do is print and stick. It's so fast and easy! The Divas made different themed notes too so I print these off throughout the year to keep the fun and love going. 

New! I made some additional school themed sticky notes geared towards teens too! They’re free.

Pack an Extra Pencil Box

Pencil boxes of love are great for those older grades that you can't simply sit at their desk and leave notes. Instead, leave them a box of help in their lockers. Pencil boxes are super cheap at back to school time. Take advantage of the sale and grab an extra one for your child and fill it with a few of their favorite things as well as some helpful items. For example, Tic Tacs for when you forget to brush your teeth or eat something stinky at lunch; bandaids (with notes, of course!) for paper cuts; and feminine products for emergencies. Include some scratch n sniff stickers to make them smile plus some notes when they need a little encouragement. Check out my recommendations for this box of love on my Amazon Idea List. 

Laughs in Their Lunch Box

Everyone could always use an extra laugh in their day. Print my free Mormon Joke Cards to stick inside your children's school lunches. I have loads of other ones pinned to my board, Lunchbox Jokes and Fun. Remember to put your own note on the back!

Sweet Encouragement

Does your child have a big exam? Send them with some encourage"mint"! There are several different wrappers to choose from so you can send them with the mints they like the most. Slip one in their backpack in the morning or hand it to them personally with your own words of inspiration.


It doesn’t really matter how you show your love while your kids at school, just so long as you do. My kids love the handwritten notes the best. By the end of the year, they have finally found them all. It’s a small thing that takes 5 minutes but lasts all school year. What are some things you do?