Lesson 33: I Can Pay Tithing

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Primary 2 Lesson 33: I Can Pay Tithing- The purpose of this lesson is to remember that we show love for Heavenly Father and Jesus as we pay our tithing. 

Practice tithing amounts with this file folder game from Green Jell-O with Carrot.

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Teacher Study

"The Windows of Heaven" by Elder David A. Bednar

"Opening the Windows of Heaven" by President James E. Faust

See the Tithing topic page on LDS.org for additional resources and answers to questions.


"I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth"- Children's Songbook pg. 150

"I'm Glad to Pay a Tithing"- Children's Songbook pg. 150


Jesus Teaches about the Widow's Mites- Bible Video about 1 minute

Tithing- D&C Video about 1 1/2 minutes

The Widow's Mites- New Testament story video

Tithing- Story about a boy paying tithing about 1 1/2 minutes


My Primary 2 Lesson 33 handout packet includes:

  • Chicken Scratch money- I left these black and white so you can print on colored paper instead of wasting lots of ink. Includes $10, $5, $1 as well as coins.
  • Tithing and Saving envelopes for practice
  • Big tithing slip example- It's easier to show your class how to fill out a form when it's bigger.

Click the image above to print

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Activity Ideas

If you have older children, I made a Tithing Blessings envelope and cards that would be great for your class.

How Tithing is Used- Circle the picture that is different

Blessings of Tithing- Use these windows to talk about the blessings from tithing

Tithes and Offerings- From the For Strength of Youth. You can find additional articles, video clips, and lots of Mormonads on this page

Tithing Around the World- Match the money from different countries

Tithing Maze- Find your way to the temple

Tithing Jar- Make a jar for your tithing

Tithing Time- Find your way to the Bishop and his counselors to pay your tithing

Never Forget- Make this elephant bank to remember to pay 1/10

Find the Coins- Look the for the coins in this hidden picture- also has a tithing maze and jar activity

Why is Tithing Important?- Poster with answers from Elder Robert D. Hales (Quorum of the 12)

The Law of Tithing- Questions and answers that are scripture references

Coloring Pages

I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles