Lesson 8: Noah and the Flood


The purpose of teaching Primary 6 Lesson 8: Noah and the Flood is to encourage everyone to follow the prophet

Teaching Thoughts

This are a few bonus ideas- keep scrolling for more!

  • Use my General Conference Discussions or quotes to discuss some of the things the recent prophet has said. These are free to all newsletter subscribers (it's free to join).
  • Bring some fun into your lesson by playing Fire Sweeper (it's free)! After each answered question, they get one turn. 
  • Play Pass the Ark as suggested in The Red Headed Hostess class packet.

Teacher Study

"Give Heed unto the Prophets' Words" by Elder Quentin L. Cook

"The Voice of the Lord" by Elder Neil L. Andersen

Deseret Bookshelf PLUS Recommendation

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"Follow the Living Prophets" by Brent L. Top, Larry E. Dahl, and Walter D. Bowen

"Life Lessons from the Prophet" by Heidi Swinton (Time Out for Women talk)


"Noah"- Illustrated scripture story about 3 minutes.

"We Need Living Prophets"- Testimonies of why we need a living prophet- almost 3 minutes.


Follow the Prophet- Especially verse 3, Children's Songbook pg. 110

Keep the Commandments- Children's Songbook pg. 146

Latter-day Prophets- Children's Songbook pg. 134

"Seek the Lord Early"- Children's Songbook pg. 108

"We'll Bring the World His Truth"- Children's Songbook pg. 172

"We Thank Thee, O God for a Prophet"-Hymn #19

"We Listen to a Prophet's Voice"- Hymn #22

"The Iron Rod"- Hymn #274

"Come, Sing to the Lord"- Hymn #10


Genesis 6:13-14- Lord commands Noah to build the ark

Genesis 6:22- Noah did all that God commanded

1 Peter 3:20-21- The flood was a baptism of the earth.

Genesis 9:9-17- God gives a covenant and the rainbow

Moses 8:24- Noah warns the people

Acts 3:24- All the prophets prophecy

Amos 3:7- The Lord will reveal it to His prophets

1 Nephi 22:2- Prophets know by the Spirit

D&C 21:4-6- As if from His own mouth

D&C 107:91-92- Duties of the President

Article of Faith 6- Believe in Prophets


My Primary 6 Lesson 8 handout packet includes

  • Stop, Poison, and Not Allowed sign to go with the Attention Activity. I made these black and white so you can save ink by printing on colored paper or coloring.
  • Build Noah's Ark- Noah's ark has the 6 questions mentioned in the Enrichment Activities. Cut each question apart and give to members of your class to answer. As they answer correctly, have them put their piece of the boat on the board to build his ark. When it's completed, let every draw themselves in the ark. Note- I did not include the multiple choice answers with this. You can write them on the board if you want to provide that additional help. 

Activity Ideas

Animal Match-up-A memory game to play after telling story of Noah.

Scriptural Giants: Noah- An easy to read to story with pictures or

use this one.

Noah and the Ark- Actions to go with the story of Noah.

Mixed up Animals- Match the scripture reference to the animal in the ark.

Noah and the Ark- Decode the scripture.

Noah's Ark- Directions for a finger play.

Noah's Ark- Fill in the missing words.

Noah's Ark Maze- Fun maze to do

Noah's Ark Riddle- Do the word search to find the answer to the riddle.

Noah Warns the People- Figure out which puzzle pieces go where and find objects in the pictures.

Noah's Ark Picture Puzzle- Unscramble the picture to discover which animal boarded the ark.

Noah's Ark- Build the ark with a story stage!

Noah's Ark Letter Square- Word search

Noah's Cubit- Explains what a cubit is

Bible Story Crossword- Noah and the flood themed crossword

Blessings Come When We Follow the Prophet- Match the prophet to the teachigngs.

The Prophet Will Tell Us- Cut out the pictures to make your own scene of Noah's Ark.

Animals Go to Sea- Another crossword puzzle

Follow the Prophet- A booklet with the song words that ends on a picture of President Hinckley (maybe replace with a picture of Monson).

Follow the Prophet- Match the words with the pictures of the prophets (includes Noah)

Conference Messages- Follow the lines to answer the question: Who speaks to us at conference?

Follow the Prophet- Find the hidden pictures

Follow the Prophet- Fun maze with directions from the prophets

Heavenly Father Speaks Through His Prophets- Modern day prophet booklet to put together and take notes in.

Living Prophets Teach Me to Choose the Right- Put the pictures of the prophets in the right chairs.

Listen to a Prophet's Voice- Make a window story of things the prophets have asked us to do.

Obedience Brings Blessings- Color the pictures of things the prophets have asked us to do.

Truth Revealed- Decode and unscramble to figure out the scripture.

Heed the Prophets- Picture of President Monson with space to write how we can follow him.

President Monson- Biography

 Coloring Pages

I Will Follow the Prophet- Color page with President Monson

Prophets Speak for Heavenly Father- Coloring page with President Monson and Noah.