Lesson 9: Jehovah Makes Covenants with Abraham


The purpose of teaching Primary 6 Lesson 9: Jehovah Makes Covenants with Abraham is to understand that we have a responsibility to live the gospel and share it.

Teaching Thoughts

These are a few bonus thoughts- keep scrolling for more!

  • Use the idea of missionaries knocking on doors like in Pergler's Primary Place post.
  • Incorporate Pin the Tag on the Missionary with your lesson! As your class answers questions, they get at turn to pin the badge on. 
  • Make these cute Missionary chocolates for your class- you can pass them out as they answer questions or tell them they can eat one chocolate after they share one thing they've learned in class with someone.
  • Practice being a missionary as mentioned in the Enrichment Activities with these Doctrinal Flashcards from the Red Headed Hostess.
  • Looking for another great visual? The Red Headed Hostess class packet has great illustrations to go with the stories in this lesson.

The following are links to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated.

Teacher Study

"Raising the Bar" by Elder L. Tom Perry

"Why Every Member a Missionary?" by Elder Richard G. Scott


"Full Blessings of Abrahamic Covenant Available Though Jesus Christ"- About 3 1/2 minutes long done by Elder Russell M. Nelson (Quorum of the 12 Apostles).

"Be Covenant Keeper"-About 2 minutes and with Elder Nelson again- mentions a few covenants that we make.

"Abrahamic Covenant"-Only about a minute by Elder Dallin H. Oaks (of the 12).

"Abraham"-Bible story where the Lord appears to Abraham- only 1 minute.

"Covenants"-Again its Elder Nelson- about 14 minutes.

"Elder Nelson Talks About Covenants"-Excerpt from his other talks- about 5 minutes.



"Called to Serve"-Children's Songbook pg. 174 or Hymn #249

"I Hope They Call Me on a Mission"- Children's Songbook pg. 169

"I Want to Be a Missionary Now"- Children's Songbook pg. 168

"The Things I Do"-Children's Songbook pg. 170

"We'll Bring the World His Truth"-Children's Songbook pg. 172

"Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching"- Hymn #253

"I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go"- Hymn #270

"Go, Ye Messengers of Glory"-Hymn #262

"Go Forth with Faith"-Hymn #263

"Faith of Our Fathers"-Hymn #84

"Behold! A Royal Army"-Hymn #251

"Because I Have Been Given Much" Hymn #219 (no online sheet music available)


John 8:39-If Abraham's children then do his works.

D&C 132:31-Abraham's promise is ours.

1 Chronicles 16:15-16-Be mindful of the covenant

D&C 101:39-When covenant, counted as salt of the earth.

Genesis 17:6-9-Abrahamic Covenant

D&C 124:58-Abrahamic covenant still applies

Abraham 2:10-11-Will bless us through his name


My Primary 6 Lesson 9 Handouts include

  • Scripture chart to record the promises the Lord made to Abraham as noted in the Enrichment Activities.
  • Slips to cut apart and discuss how you can be a missionary now- combine these with my free game, Fire Sweeper, for a great activity that keeps everyone focused.
  • Pictionary or charade cards about things we can do now to prepare to be a full time missionary.
  • Stationary to write to the full time missionaries in your ward. 
Please pin this so others can find it too!

Activity Ideas

Abraham Covenants with the Lord- Story summation and pictures to color.

I Can Share the Gospel Now- Make this missionary cube to see how we can be missionaries now.

Missionary Quest-Help the missionary find the investigator.

This is Missionary Fun-Poster

Michael's Missionary's Box-A picture reading story.

Missionary Maze- Help the missionaries find where their appointment is.

How Do You Become a Missionary-Picture story.

I Can Be a Missionary Now-Put this house together to see how you can be a missionary now.

Missionary Activity-Growing puppet to go with the song "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission"

I Can Be a Missionary Now!- A board game to play.

Missionary Work-Word search

I Can Keep My Covenant-A slide craft to make about covenants

Signs of a Covenant-Match the picture to the covenant it represents (scripture references)

At the Pageant- Help the Sister Missionaries find the people the are supposed to teach

Being Like a Missionary- Dress Tanner up to be like a missionary

Draw a Missionary- Drawing instructions

Missionary Work- Ideas on how to be a missionary now or prepare to be one

Preparing for a Mission- Fill in the sentence and talk about things you can do now to be a better full-time missionary later

Help the Missionaries- Maze or do this one: Missionary Maze

I Can Be a Missionary Now- Board game

I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now- Practice answering the questions so you'll know what to say when a friend asks

I Will Prepare- Sign these cards saying you'll prepare for a mission (It goes great with these super fun Future Missionary Pocket clips from LDS Bookstore).

Life of a Missionary- Fill in the blanks to discover the answer to the puzzle

Making a New Friend- Find the hidden objects or color it or use this colored one: Welcome Home Elder

Mission Call- Find the hidden objects 

Matching Missionaries- Find the one that matches

Missionary Activity- Make this growing missionary

Missionary Appointment- Find the right door

Preaching Two by Two- Find the missionary's companion

Sharing the Book of Mormon Around the World- Figure out who is going to which country 

Missionary Quest- Find the right person

The Gospel Will Be Preached in All the World- Memory game

The Sons of Mosiah- Learn this fingerplay

We'll Bring the World His Truth- Find the differences

You Found Me, Bishop- Story from President Monson with activities after

Missionary Fun- Bright Idea poster

Young Men, I Admonish You to Prepare for Service as a Missionary...- Bright Idea poster


Because I Know We Are All Children of God, I Will Share the Gospel with Others

I Can Be a Missionary Now

I Can Prepare Now to Serve a Full-time Mission

Testimony of Truth