12 Simple Christmas Devotionals for Busy Parent

You need to finish wrapping gifts for the neighbors, remember to buy the paper plates for the class party, mail the rest of the Christmas gifts to your relatives, buy the food for the ward party, and save some energy to have some holiday fun with your family. Does your December seem non stop? Commit to 5 minutes a day this Christmas season and help you and your family refocus the celebrations on Christ.


In these 12 simple Christmas devotionals, you'll find a mixture of reading, watching, discussing, and activities although not all are included every day. We're keeping it super simple. Pick a few and do them on the weekends when you have a little extra breathing room or do them all leading up to Christmas. It's up to you. Whichever ones you pick, they are sure to bring the spirit into your household this Christmas and help you let go of some of the craziness of the season. My favorites are #1 A Babe in Swaddling Clothes, #7 The Angels, and #12 What have the Wise Men Taught You? Looking for something a little more? Try The Life of Jesus: A Christmas Scripture Study.

All 12 devotionals are listed below in reverse order. Merry Christmas!