3 Teaching Tools to Use in Your Next LDS Lesson

As you teach throughout the year, it's important to include a variety of methods in your teaching tool belt. People learn in different ways so you should teach in different ways. 


In this video I demonstrate the 3 techniques mentioned below. You'll also notice I take the time to answer any of their questions, define words, and find ways to involve even those that don't want to talk. 

1. What Do You See?

Use images that go along with your lesson to get the class involved. Start your lesson asking everyone in the class or a few select individuals to answer the question, "What do you see?" Then share your insight as you dive into the lesson. At the end of your lesson, ask the same question again. Notice how people will start to see things in a new light and discover more as their knowledge of the subject has expanded.

2. Popcorn Scripture Questions

The popcorn method is where the person you asked to read gets to pick the person to answer the question. Then that person picks the next person to read and so on. When you teach from the scriptures and want your class to answer questions it's best to state the question first, give background, then read. If it's a long passage, take a second to summarize then repeat the question and have the individual answer. If they are having difficulties answering, summarize again or tell them it's okay to phone a friend for help. 

3. Illustrated Scripture Verses

If your lesson is focused on a particular topic or includes several different scriptural stories, this is a great way to cover a lot of ground. Handout strips of paper with different scripture verses on them to your class. Tell your class that they need to read the verses then try their best to illustrate it. Encourage stick figures and simplicity- some words are okay but the picture should do most of the talking. When everyone is done, take time to share the illustrations with each other and discuss the verses in more detail. This is a great way to get your class to start relating to the scriptures and putting things in their own words.

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Your Turn- What teaching methods do you like to use?