6 More Ways to Use the Same LDS Coloring Page

There you are preparing your LDS Primary lesson for another Sunday. You really want an activity to include with your lesson but all you can find are more coloring pages. Coloring pages are great but sometimes you need something else! If you've already tried these 10 unique ideas for using coloring pages, then keep reading for even more variety. The great thing about the following ideas are that they are much more interactive than simply coloring. 

I've included the basics for the 6 different ways below, however, this video will demonstrate the ideas more clearly and give you tips along the way. 

1. Turn It Into a Necklace or tie

Pull out the yarn and beads and get stringing! If you have younger classes, you'll want to cut out the image beforehand as well as prepare each string. I like to tie a bead at the end of each string and tape the other end so the threading goes smoothly. 

2. Make a Puppet

Make the puppets beforehand and have your class color them, make them yourself and use them to tell the story, or have your class do it all. Use the puppets as you repeat key phrases or as a marker for a giant board game. 

3. Transform It into a Slider

A lot of coloring pages include words. Cut out one key word and add your own strip of paper to slide up and down in its place. As you go throughout the lesson, add words to the strip of paper or have your classroom brainstorm new words in its place. This works great as you define words, show steps, or demonstrate the many ways that gospel principle works. 

4. Dissect It

Cut each major part of the coloring page out plus each word on the sheet. Put all the pieces on the table and have each person in class put one piece up at a time. Stop after a little while and see if it makes sense yet. Ask your class if they want to continue or add any of their own drawings. OR give each person enough pieces to create their own Mormonad style poster. Give some guidelines such as you must use only 5 printed words but can add as many of your own as you want. Share the posters with each other when you are done. 

5. Finish the Scene

Cut the coloring page main images in half and glue it on to a new sheet of paper. Challenge your class to finish the image and guess what the lesson is about. Then use it to add notes to throughout the remainder of the lesson.

6. Leave the Words Only

Cut out the picture completely and let your class come up with their own picture. Share them with each other after and appreciate all the different perspectives to the same phrase.

Your Turn- How do you use the coloring pages in your class?

Get More Coloring Pages

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