9 Things LDS Primary Presidencies Want Primary Teachers to Remember

As a Primary Presidency what are things you wish all teachers remembered? I've asked and you answered. The following are things that you either are constantly dealing with or things that you can't say enough to your Primary teachers. As you start a new year, call new teachers, or have teacher councils, use this list as a reminder for your teachers. Also read 11 Things that All Primary Teachers Wish Parents Remembered so you can continue to support your teachers.


Don't Put Off Getting a Sub

As soon as you know you are going to be out of town, please start planning a sub for you class. This allows you plenty of time to find someone to cover your class. If you still can't find one, talk with us about it as soon as possible. That allows us to actually have time to find a solution to your problem. There will, of course, be those last minute problems that can't be avoided but if you can, please try calling someone else before you call the Primary Presidency. Once you do find a sub, tell us so we know what's going on and we don't panic trying to find a last minute sub.

Your Calling Is Vital

Your calling is vital in the lives of these children. They miss you when you are gone even if they would never admit it out loud. You are helping children come unto Christ. You will influence how they look at the scriptures, their attitude towards church, and their desire to come again. Please remember that you weren't simply called to Primary out of desperation. You are needed. You matter more than you know.

We Appreciate You

Thank you for saying Yes to this calling. Thank you for teaching. Thank you for preparing ahead of time. Thank you for singing the songs with the children in Sharing Time. Thank you for your righteous examples. You make it possible for us to do our jobs.

Take Time to Understand all Your Responsibilities

When you receive your calling as a Primary Teacher, read what the Church Handbook says about it. Implement Teaching in the Savior's Way into your daily scripture study. It includes a wealth of great information to help you as a teacher including teaching methods and how to properly handle disruptive behavior. You can even find video examples online. Also look on LDS.org for additional resources to help you as a teacher. If you still have questions, ask us. We'd love to help you.

Check out this great resource page for the LDS Primary theme 2017. It has everything you need to stay organized and prepared for the year such as posters for the Articles of Faith, binder pages, last minute lesson helps, and a bunch more. 

If There is a Problem, Let's Work Together

We want to know if there is a recurring problem in your classroom. Ask us to come sit in your classroom sometime so we can observe what is going on as well. Let us know your concerns. Partnering together is the best way to help the children and each other. We here to support you so come to us.

We Know You Feel Isolated

We know that sometimes you feel cut off from the rest of the ward in your calling. Please know we are here for you as a support and a friend. Be sure to attend Ward, Relief Society, or Quorum activities so you can continue to connect with others outside of the Primary classroom. If you really need a week off to attend a regular class, let us know. 

Please Keep Treats as Treats

We know it's fun to bring things into the classroom- we do it too. Please remember though that the main reward your class should be focusing on is the natural reward for coming to church and learning of Christ. If the focus ends up being on the doughnuts then the children may miss the point. It can also cause problems of jealousy, unnecessary expectations, and dietary problems. If you do have treats, please keep them to your classroom- don't bring them into Sharing Time unless they will be placed immediately under their chairs. Please also remember to check with parents for any food concerns before bringing in food and never bring food on a Fast Sunday.

You Can Be Spiritually Fed

While you will be teaching basic principles of the gospel to your class, it doesn't mean you can't be spiritually fed. Take the time to really understand your topic each week. Search for General Conference talks about it, read related scriptures, gain a stronger testimony of the topic. Chicken Scratch n Sniff provides articles to read with each lesson to help you. You can also include the Sunday School and Relief Society/Priesthood lessons in your daily scripture study. You don't have to miss what is being taught simply because you attend a different class. Here's a great resource of additional items you can study this year. Remember that as you sing the songs in Sharing Time and teach your children that you are not simply retelling information; you are speaking words of truth. The Holy Ghost can be with you each week and testify to you.

We're Doing our Best 

We are trying our very best to meet all the needs of the children in the ward as well as the teachers and leaders who help them. Please know that we listen to you and work hard to support you all the time. We take this calling seriously and think about it all the time. We are human though. Please be patient with us as we sometimes make mistakes. 

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Thank your Primary teachers for the great work they do with this cute popcorn treat idea. 

Your Turn- What else would you add? What is most helpful to you as a teacher to hear?