Remembering Birthdays in the LDS Classroom

One of the best ways to connect with those you teach is by remembering things that are important to them like their birthdays! Everyone likes to feel special. When you remember them it sends messages of love and importance. You stopping by can be just what they needed that day. When you take 5 minutes out of your day to show them you care- it's unforgettable. 


It can be hard to remember everyone's birthday though. That piece of paper you get at the beginning of the year with everyone's name (if you get one) may not even have birthdays on it. That means your first order of business is to find out when birthdays are and do it preferably before the new year begins as there are those birthdays that come on the 1st and 2nd day of the year. If you aren't able to discover birthday information before the first time you teach, bring a birthday gift in your bag just in case! Better safe than sorry. 

Print this Birthday Tracker out and ask your class, parents, or other church leaders when everyone's birthday is. Then put this clearly labeled paper someone where you see it again- your lesson binder, refrigerator, etc. If you are worried about forgetting, put everyone's birthday in your online calendar with a reminder to bring by a gift or card to the person on his day. Take 5 minutes to show up at their door if it is possible and show them they are worth that extra effort. If distance is a problem, mail a card a few days ahead of time or bring something for them on the Sunday before their birthday. 

All that is really needed is recognition- even a homemade card is great- but if you are looking for something more to give, try these ideas. (Also ask your leaders to see if there is a budget you can use or if they are planning on a joint gift already).

Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Stop by the Dollar Store for a helium balloon and birthday card. Or make life easier by buying a bunch of Happy Birthday balloons and a helium tank at your house (that's what I use).
  • Make your own birthday card with pictures cut out of church magazines or search Pinterest and print a free one off. 
  • Candy Wrappers for All Year not only allow you to give a special birthday present but you'll have gift ideas for the whole year. Make all of yours at the beginning of the year so all you have to worry about later is grabbing one and heading over to their house. 
  • Give a bookmark, lip balm, or wall decoration with this year's theme, "I am a Child of God." My Computer is My Canvas has great printables to make it easy and cute. 
  • Use my free Child of God bag toppers and wrappers to easy make any item festive. Fill a sandwich bag with candy, crayons, a bag of popcorn, or anything else your class would like. Use my class survey at the beginning of the year to keep track of what your students like. 
  • Looking for something Young Women specific? I love what the Red Headed Hostess has put together. 

Your Turn- What do you do for birthdays in your class?