Lesson Helps for LDS Primary 3: Choose the Right B

Welcome to a New Year of Teaching LDS Primary!

This year we will continue to studying Choosing the Right in Primary 3 (Junior Primary). A lot of these lessons will seem similar to the Primary 2 manual but repetition is not a bad thing- remember Joseph Smith heard the Angel Moroni's message 3 times in a row. Before you dive into teaching, be sure to check out the Helps for Teacher section of the manual. It has tips for teaching various age groups and more like the CTR shield print you will use in several of the lessons.


In each lesson help on this blog you will find:

  • Lesson with Teaching Thoughts- Find the link to your lesson plus a few teaching ideas from me to help you brainstorm what is right for your class.
  • Teacher Study- Before each week, strengthen your testimony and understanding of the gospel principles. 
  • Videos- Illustrated scripture stories or others available on LDS.org to show in your class. 
  • Music- Put some music on as your class enters the room to create a reverent atmosphere or while they are doing worksheets. Try singing a few songs together or use it as background music for a slideshow presentation.
  • Activity Ideas and Coloring Pages- These are from the Friend, New Era, or other LDS.org resources. Some lessons will have a lot of activity ideas and others not so much unfortunately- I don't have control over that. I will try to provide more handouts or Teaching Thoughts when the pickings are slim though.
  • Handouts from Me- I always try to coordinate these with the Enrichment Activities found at the end of the each lesson, however, you will still need to get approval from your Primary Presidency to use them- send your President the link to my site and get approval for the year. 

As mentioned in the Helps for the Teacher, those that are teaching the children turning 8 this year should try to teach the lessons on baptism before the first child in your class is baptized- those are lessons 11, 13, 21, 32, and 33. The Sunday before each child is baptized you should also take a few minutes to discuss the importance of the ordinance. 

Also remember there are special holiday lessons for Easter and Christmas- lessons 46 and 47.

Additional Resources You May Find Helpful

Be sure to stop by the Teaching Tip section on the blog where you can find answers to commonly asked questions and additional resources for holiday lessons. 

Go Beyond the Coloring Page

You have all said it- coloring pages get old after awhile even for the most avid colorer. Transform your coloring pages into some more with these ideas:

One of the best tools here, however, is you! Come join our Private Facebook Primary Teachers group and share your ideas, questions, and support.

Find your lesson helps below (it's in reverse order)

I will be updating each post throughout the year but all lesson helps are available.