Chapter 11: True Greatness

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What did you accomplish today? What everyday tasks did you check off your list? As we contemplate Howard W. Hunter Chapter 11: True Greatness think about your day. How are you using the small commonplace things in your life to make a big difference? Realizing that those little things that we may do without even thinking actually may have a profound impact certainly changes our perspective. 


How many times did I smile at someone today? How many times did I express silent gratitude as I went throughout my day? When I did the things that are most important, how was my attitude? It reminds me of the quote from President Joseph F. Smith in this chapter, "Let us not be trying to substitute an artificial life for the true one." We can't simply go through the motions or fill our lives with things that look good; we need to live our lives with purpose, meaning, and determination. Every single day matters. Every single good deed you perform counts for something. Don't underestimate yourself. You matter. 

Click the image below to print the Small Things Big Difference Booklet

Teaching Ideas

  • I made 2 handouts for this chapter. The first is Small Things booklet. There are 7 cards that say, "Small Things". These cards can be used as reminders to do those little things are as a journal to remember that the little things you did today mattered. The 8th page is a reminder that that as you add each small flower it makes a big bouquet of difference. 
  • Do an object lesson with the flowers and above booklet. Handout single flowers to several members in your class. Each can either have a note about a simple act or ask the individual to come up with their own. During class ask each to come up and mention the small thing and put their flower in a vase. By the end all those small little nothings came together to make something that makes a big difference.
  • The second handout I made is a scripture verse flipbook. You can combine this with the small act one as little reminders or hold it as its own. They are meant to be gentle reminders and encouragement for the great things you do on a daily basis. Write a note the back and give it someone that exemplifies that scripture; put it above the kitchen sink to remember that those dishes you wash every day are really a symbol of so much more. You could also tie these scriptures around the flowers as in the object lesson above.
  • Use the Small Things booklet the week before your teach to write down all the simple things others did for you throughout the day. Use them as an example in your lesson about how much the little things meant to you or ask someone else to do the same and share.
  • Draw a Venn Diagram on the board to help define the meaning of greatness. In one circle have the world's definition and in the other the Lord's definition. See how they are similar and how they differ. Satan often tries to use those similarities to confuse us about his definition of greatness.
  • Why is it that we don't feel like it matters much when others don't recognize our efforts? Sometimes we get caught in the pride cycle or buy into Satan's lies.  
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Click the image above to print the Scripture Flipbook

  • Make it a Family Home Evening- These chapters make great FHEs. Pick one section in this lesson for your next FHE lesson. You can use the handouts and issue a challenge to your family to start noticing the little things that are making a big difference in your individual lives as well as a family. Pssst....this is a great way to show how when everyone does their part the whole house functions whether it's their chores or helping when they notice a need. 

Beautiful scripture cards to go with Howard W. Hunter Chapter 11: True Greatness

Questions to Ponder

  • Why do you sometimes mix up the true definition of greatness?
  • Why does the world's definition of greatness lead some people to still feel unfulfilled and unhappy?
  • What is the real definition of true greatness? How does this differ from the world's definition?
  • How does remember what true greatness really is help you?
  • What "little things" might you need to give more time to?
  • How has consistently doing the "little things" blessed you?
  • What about Joseph Smith's small acts of service impresses you?
  • How have you been blessed through small but meaningful acts from others?
  • How have you seen people manifest true greatness? What examples are in your life?
  • How can you achieve true greatness? What goals do you need to make now?
  • What are some "commonplace tasks" that you perform that may have a positive impact on others?
  • How does service and sacrifice lead to true greatness?
  • How does having a valient testimony of Christ help you achieve greatness?

Suggested Study Schedule


Howard W. Hunter Chapter 11: True Greatness


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1 Timothy 4:12

Mosiah 2:17

Alma 17:24-25

Alma 37:6

Moroni 10:32

D&C 12:8

D&C 59:23

D&C 76:5-6

D&C 88:125

Watch: You Never Know (about 9 minutes)

Watch: The Old Shoemaker (about 3 1/2 minutes)


"Keep Walking, and Give Time a Chance" by Sister Virginia H. Pearce


"The Simple Things" by Brother Rex D. Pinegar


"The Transforming Power of Faith and Character" by Elder Richard G. Scott


"Are You a Saint?" by Elder Quentin L. Cook


"Making Faith a Reality" by Sister Janette Hales Beckham